Mini-Retreats: Writing Blissfully During Busy Times

I began my summer with a fabulous writing retreatwith 21 other women in Bali.During that week of bliss,我们每天早上醒来,had a healthy and delicious breakfast,meditated,and then wrote until lunch.In the afternoons,我们与优秀的参与者分享了工作,然后开始了一次小冒险。

My goal with that retreat,which I organized with my amazing colleague,Ayu Saraswati,是向人们展示如何真正有可能同时获得惊人的生产力和享受生活。当我们在巴厘岛的时候,这一切似乎都是可能的。我通常能在夏天保持一个类似的时间表,那时我几乎没有什么责任。但是,这个练习怎么能转化为学期??

Writing in Bali with an amazing view!!
Is it possible to maintain this level of peacefulness,集中,and productivity when the demands of the semester ramp up?答案部分取决于你在学年的时间表,德赢官网从你的角度来看。

Being calm,集中的,对我来说,生产力是非常重要的。So,this semester,除了我通常采用的所有做法外,我计划一个月至少两次有一天的小疗养。I'd like to say that I will do it every week,但我知道这是不可行的。So,I will aim for twice a month.

I teach on Mondays and Wednesdays,and usually have meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays,so Fridays seem like a logical day to carve out for my mini-retreats.我把“迷你撤退”在我每周五的日历上,然后通过删除我知道不会发生的,因为旅行和其他承诺。


首先,I will not check email or social media on the morning of my mini-retreat days.这对我来说很难,但是 经验tells me it is the best way to be productive and peaceful.

我的房子每天早上都很忙,我丈夫和三个孩子正在为他们的一天做准备。So,他们还在家里的时候,我会在早上锻炼身体。This may include a jog or a yoga class,取决于天气和健身计划。然后我会和我丈夫一起享用早餐,并提醒他今天是一个小型的休息日。

我将在上午9点开始写作,冥想10分钟。然后我会用 pomodoro技巧和至少5个25分钟的写作课程。Then,我会停下来做一顿美味的健康午餐。I will then spend the afternoon doing something I enjoy either alone or with someone I enjoy spending time with.There are several beautiful hiking spots within an hour's driving distance from me,所以我可以去其中一个。我也可以去游泳,to a yoga class,or get a pedicure.The point is to do something I enjoy doing in the afternoon.


What about you: do you think you can work a mini-retreat into your semester schedule?我相信你至少可以完成一次适时的小撤退-尤其是如果你现在把它放进你的日历里。你们中的大多数人可能一个月发生一次。而且,如果你在休假,这可能是你的日常生活!!

最后,if you are interested in the weeklong retreats that Ayu and I host,下一个在 秘鲁!My husband is Peruvian and I did my dissertation research in Peru.It is one of my favorite countries,and we are going to one of my favorite spots in Peru - the Sacred Valley of the Incas.你可以了解更多关于我们的 德赢官网学术作家在vwin徳赢竞技这个网站上为女性退隐.And you can sign up for the June 2018 trip here.

Attending the writing retreat each year is a great way to renew my commitment to these practices,为了培养我的创造力,提醒自己心灵生活的乐趣。我希望在那里见到你!!


  1. A writing retreat sounds wonderful.当我住在芝加哥的时候,我经常去故vwin徳赢竞技事工作室写thons;it really was easier (and more fun) to be productive in the company of other vwin徳赢竞技writers.I wish I could go to Peru,尤其是因为我从未去过那里。也许有一天,when I save up enough money...

    1. In the meantime,hopefully you can at least schedule a mini-retreat into your calendar!!

  2. 我多么喜欢写作静修!我得睁大眼睛,寻找机会去这样的旅行!!

    I found your blog through a link posted on Clarissa's blog.Then,我找到了你关于提交文章和书籍建议的帖子。我很感激,as I'm going through the process of writing my book proposal now.Plus it helps hearing other perspectives about submitting articles.Thanks for your good advice!!

    1. You are most welcome!祝你的求购书好运!!

  3. Sounds great!我每周在家工作一天,所以这似乎是一个偶尔尝试的好日子。