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Speaking as an 德赢官网Academic: What to expect when you are invited to share your work

One of the joys of 德赢官网academic life is inviting speakers to campus and getting invited to other campuses to speak.You may be an 德赢官网academic who is constantly jet-setting from one campus to another or you may never have received an invitation to speak at another campus.Either way,you may have questions about what happens during these (non-interview-related) campus visits.You may also have questions about honoraria,因为这些差异很大。一些学者的德赢官网演讲者费用是几千美元。Some have never received more than $500 as an honorarium.其他人也进行了大量的谈判,但从未得到报酬。(Based on a non-scientific Twitter 民意测验 我指挥,很少有学者的报酬超德赢官网过2美元,000作为酬金,and many have never been compensated.)
TEDxOhioStateUniversity Speaker Dinner
I have given over fifty invited talks (paid and unpaid) and invited just as many people to my own campuses.仅这个学期,I have given ten public lectures (like this one)。Based on this experience,我提供了一些关于这些访问的基本指南。These guidelines are meant to be useful both to invitees and inviters.

Speaker for a Seminar or Colloquium
An invitation to share your work in a seminar or colloquium will look great on your CV If you are on the tenure-track or desire to be.任期的外部信件通常会说一些:她被邀请在其他学校进行11次演讲,an indication of her visibility and prestige in the field."These invitations continue to be important for considerations for promotion to full professor.你也可以做一个演讲,希望能产生反馈,帮助你向前思考。如果你在发表的作品上演讲,giving a talk is a great way to get the word out about your work and to continue the conversation.
The audience for most of these talks are your peers – local graduate students and faculty members.Giving seminars and colloquia at other universities is a rewarding part of academia and many faculty members do not expect a generous honorarium for these sorts of seminars.如果你正在考虑邀请一位同事在座谈会或研讨会系列中发言,我建议在预算中为酬金腾出空间,因为人们经常用这些额外的资金来支付儿童保育和其他与旅行相关的不可报销费用。
My understanding of general practice for these kinds of talks is that the honoraria for seminars or colloquia range from $0 to $500 yet that this varies by field.In some fields,honoraria are simply not the norm.在其他方面,a small honorarium is expected.
Although a $500 honorarium is much appreciated,if you are deciding whether or not to accept an invitation that comes with an honorarium of $500 or less,金钱不应该是主要的激励因素。It rarely is worth $500 to prepare a talk,get on a plane,spend a day on another campus,and get back home exhausted.Instead,these sorts of talks should bring other,非货币的,benefits.There are plenty of reasons to give a presentation that have nothing to do with money.
For these kinds of visits,travel expenses are covered,speakers are usually expected to spend the day on campus,meet with colleagues,and deliver their talk.
When speakers are invited to participate in a conference on a college or university campus,差旅费经常(但不总是)得到报销。在某些情况下,speakers are given a small honorarium.预计发言者将参加整个会议,分享他们的工作,并听取其他人的工作。
When the conference is large enough to have breakout sessions,there may be plenary speakers.These speakers will speak on a panel together in a room with the entire conference audience.If there is room in the conference budget,plenary speakers are often given an honorarium.
Many campus-based conferences will also include a keynote speaker who is well-known in the field.They will include this speaker on their program as part of the advertisement for the conference and the speaker will be expected to deliver a longer lecture – 45 to 60 minutes – to the entire conference audience.
Keynote speakers often get an honorarium.The size of this honorarium will depend on the resources of the host,主机与校园的连接,and the prestige of the keynote speaker.The honorarium will usually be larger than that given to conference speakers or speakers for departmental colloquia.Honoraria for keynotes usually start at $1,从那里往上走。Nevertheless,德赢官网academics rarely accept these kinds of invitations just for the money.Instead,他们这样做是为了有机会与他们下属领域的人交流想法,并在他们的简历中添加一条有声望的路线。然而,if you are seeking out a speaker who receives multiple invitations a year,提供更高的酬金可能会使他们更倾向于同意你的活动,而不是另一个。(If you receive more invitations to speak than you can accept,the amount of the honoraria can often help you decide which ones to accept.)
希望这次会议,plenary,and keynote speakers will be involved in all conference activities.如果主旨演讲人只是来演讲然后离开,人们会失望的。A good keynote or plenary speaker will give an engaging talk that relates closely to the conference theme and engage with other conference participants for the duration of the conference,including participating in any meals or receptions.
Public Lecture
A public lecture is one where you are expected to speak for about an hour to a large audience,然后回答问题。There is a relatively small subset of 德赢官网academics who give these kinds of talks because they require a specific skill set.进行这些演讲需要有能力进行吸引本科生的引人入胜的演讲。If you are working on a timely topic,you are more likely to receive these sorts of invitations.Students are more likely to come out for a talk on extinction,climate change,human trafficking,or racial justice than on the nuances of Shakespeare or Beethoven.
不同于会议或部门研讨会,这些讲座的听众将超过教授和研究生。In many cases,undergraduate students will make up the majority of attendees.In other cases,社区成员也会出来听演讲。Thus,your work (and presentation style) must appeal to a broader audience.
酬金与观众的预期规模和性质之间存在着一定的关系。如果你被要求与超过100人的听众进行公开演讲,including many undergraduate students,it is reasonable to expect an honorarium of $1000 or more.如果你的演讲能吸引500名观众,in my view,the honorarium should reflect that.
Distinguished Lecture
A Distinguished Lecture is a bit different from a public lecture.A distinguished lecture often comes with a large honorarium and generally includes a day-long (or even a multi-day) visit including the lecture,和同事吃饭,课堂访问,问答环节,以及其他与同事互动的机会。Distinguished lecturers tend to be prestigious and well-known 德赢官网academics.One example would be an annual prize given out by a university to a person who has made groundbreaking achievements in their field.另一个例子是年度著名演讲。Basically,你一定很有名望,很有名才能收到这些邀请。根据邀请的性质,观众会有所不同,但一般来说,你可以期望更多的听众成为杰出演讲的教员,而不是公众演讲的教员。
Contracted Speaker from an Agency
Contracted agency speakers are a whole different ballgame.This 网站 ,例如,says that fees for Professor Henry Louis Gates begin at $40,000,making Professor Marc Lamont Hill's fees 10美元,000 to $20,000 seem like a bargain.The reason these 德赢官网academics can charge this much is because their lecture will take place in one of the largest rooms on campus and the tickets are likely to sell out.这些教授在他们的学科之外,甚至在学术界之外都广为人知。盖茨教授和希尔教授经常出现在电视上,有着广泛的知名度。This enhances their ability to draw a large crowd,And,there is often a relationship between the size of the audience and the size of the honorarium.
Contracted Workshop with an Individual or Organization
In addition to public speakers,there are some 德赢官网academics and organizations who德赢客服 do workshops designed to attend to an institutional need.Here,观众会越来越少,但发言者是付费顾问,通常收取高额费用。整整一天 车间 by an speaker from the National Center for Faculty Development and Diversity will cost $9,500.Other 德赢官网academics德赢客服 do workshops on teaching and publishing that cost several thousand dollars.And organizations such as the OpEd project 合同与校园提供工作坊。德赢客服

正如你所看到的,there is a lot of variation in the amount 德赢官网academics are compensated to speak at colleges and universities.This variation depends in large part on the prestige of the speaker,邀请的本质,the size of the audience,and whether you are dealing directly with a speaker or contracting through an agency.
To be sure,these musings are based on my personal experience,and thus may be biased towards the social sciences and the humanities and towards public universities where I have spent all of my 德赢官网academic career.I look forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments about types of campus visits and honoraria.

N.B.此文章的一个版本发布在 Chronicle of Higher Education.