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德赢官网 presentations通常基于正在进行的研究或未完成的工作。However,有时我们会发现自己是根据论文的完整草稿制作演示文稿的。

What happens when you have completed your 8 or 10,000字的文章,现在你必须在论文的基础上创建一个15分钟的演示文稿?Luckily,there is a fairly straightforward system you can use to create a presentation from a full paper.

presentation skills

I once heard someone say that a presentation should be viewed as an advertisement for a paper,rather than an attempt to present all of the information in the paper.记住这一点将有助于你专注于重要的事情,避免试图在简短的陈述中传达论文中所有丰富的信息。不幸的是,trying to cover too much often means you fail to highlight what's important.

在我的领域——社会学——有一个简单的公式可以给出 presentations.I am sure that there is one in your field as well,它可能与社会学的公式非常相似。社会学,演讲者经常使用电源点,演示通常是这样的:

  • Introduction (1 slide)
  • Research Questions/Hypotheses (1 slide)
  • 文献回顾/理论(1张幻灯片)
  • 方法和数据收集(1张幻灯片)
  • 数据展示/发现(3-5张幻灯片)
  • 结论(1张幻灯片)

Admittedly,很多人使用的幻灯片比这个多,but I advocate for sticking to the rule of no more than one slide per minute.I also think it is important to focus most of your attention on your findings,尽可能少地了解别人的理论和发现。而且,如果你在方法和数据收集上花费太多时间,你会让人非常厌烦。There are many exceptions of course – if your paper is all theory or primarily methodological,then it will look quite different.

To create a presentation from a full-length paper or article,you can pull out the most important parts of the article,基于以上列表-或基于您自己文章的副标题。

For the introduction,you can use the same compelling introduction you use in your paper.If you are using Power Point,试着找到一个传达论文观点的挑衅形象。

Your next slide should contain your research questions – which your introduction should point to.

Then,spend no more than a minute contextualizing your research questions and project within the literature.Don't make the mistake of spending too much time reviewing what others have written about your topic.花足够的时间在现有的文献上,以明确你的工作有助于该领域现有的研究。People don't come to conferences to hear literature reviews – they come to hear about new research like yours.The purpose of the literature review is to establish the importance of your work,not to show you have read every relevant article.

Once you have established the importance of your project,explain just enough of your methods and data collection to establish your ability to speak on the topic.想想人们可能会遇到的问题——你使用了什么数据集?How many interviews did you carry out?How many months of participant observation did you complete?How many newspaper articles did you code?数据的时间表是什么?Give just enough information to validate your findings.


一旦你选择了你想要强调的部分发现,you can leave a minute or two for your conclusion.

As you make each slide,记住在每张幻灯片上尽可能少地写单词,在每张幻灯片上放置一个图像,以直观地表达您的观点。


  1. 作为定量研究,我可以建议:不要用你的关键结果表,呈现图表。拜托。

  2. Unless you are presenting as a scientist,or you have quantitative data,我能给的最好建议是,没有PowerPoint演示,even the name is distasteful.Academia is not a corporation,我们别再谈公司的事了。

  3. Need an appropriate design (template) - try the search on by the way,the presentation - it is not something.This is a summary of the information that we want to apply to the listener.

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