Sunday,July 1,2012

How to Thrive in the Academy … With or without saving the world first

This blog is about thriving,not just surviving in academia.There is an inherent contradiction to that,though.I believe that it is important to be happy,但我也很清楚,世界(包括学院)是不公正的。How can one be happy amidst widespread injustice??


As you may or may not have been able to tell from my posts,我深深地致力于社会正义。I think that the world needs fundamental changes and favor such things as open borders,universal health care,the elimination of private property,and other drastic measures that I am unlikely to see happen in my lifetime.虽然我知道世界需要改变,I still try to be happy in the world I live in.原因:我的悲伤和沮丧不会做任何一件事来改变我认为应该改变的事情。

生气(而不是悲伤)有时会导致改变,but that happens only when there are specific actions anger can inspire you to take,and when change is possible.For example,I just got a call from my husband letting me know he got a speeding ticket.我正在尽我最大的努力不要生气,因为对票生气是不会改变任何事情的。We already will have to pay the fine.Why also waste precious emotional energy on things I can't change?你看,I just need to let it go.(This isn't always easy,but it's better than being mad all day!)

我不喜欢伤心或生气,especially when those feelings are associated with a sense of helplessness.I can't change the fact that my husband got a ticket.I can't make universal healthcare happen right now.What,then,can I do?What is within my control?Being happy,it turns out,通常在伸手可及的范围内。And,I like being happy.

我把我的日常幸福和我对这个世界的长远愿景分开了。Kerry Ann Rockquemore,例如,once told me that one criticism she gets from her book"" How to Win Tenure without Losing Your Soul"这本书不提倡学院结构的改变,or even for fighting racism and sexism in the academy.Well,that is not what the book is about.It is about how to do well in the academy,despite racism and sexism.We have to survive the academy in order to change it.

Similarly,这个博客是关于如何每天快乐,尽管学术界存在诸多结构性问题,世界各地普遍存在不公正现象。It also seems to me that,一旦我们有了自己的生活,我们可以更好地拯救世界。

No matter what situation you find yourself in,you deserve to be as happy as you can be.这也是我写这篇博客的另一个原因——学者们经常认为痛苦和疯狂忙碌是工作的需要。德赢官网我来这里是想说,从我的角度来看,this is not true.我来这里是为了给想要生活的学者提供一个榜样,德赢官网想要快乐的人,谁不想为此感到内疚呢?

Instead,we should own our happiness.In a recent 博客对话with Jonathanand Thomas,I came to the conclusion that happy 德赢官网academics are actually betvwin徳赢竞技ter writers.我们需要时间思考,to muse,思索,and to spend with our creative spirit to do the best we can.

所以,next time you heart leads you to spend the afternoon at the Art Museum,or to go for a long run in the park,or to laugh with your kids,或者去看歌剧——去吧!We all deserve to be happy and to live life to its fullest.Although these actions won't fix human suffering,they may do a bit to alleviate it – one person at a time.