Tuesday,February 22,2011

How to Figure Out the Publication Expectations for Tenure: Four Strategies That Work

想象一下:你在任期的第一年,你和你的系主任坐下来,问他对任期的期望是什么。他递给你一份书面文件,表明你必须在特定的期刊上发表六篇文章,你必须是至少四本书的第一作者。He provides you with a list of acceptable journals and makes it clear that this is the hurdle you have to cross for tenure.你和你所在部门和整个大学的其他高级同事见面,每个人都同意任期期望的研究部分。你确切地知道你需要做什么,唯一剩下的事情就是怎么做。

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这种情况,无论好坏,is remarkably uncommon.大多数新教职工从来没有确切地知道他们需要什么样的任期。资深同事不愿意给出你需要发表多少文章的确切数字,你是否需要一本书之外的文章,which journals are considered important,和书评,是否conference presentations,编辑好的书中的章节可以算作任何东西。Your senior colleagues are most likely to tell you that the tenure expectations are individualized and that a wide variety of portfolios can make an excellent tenure case.Some mentors will advise you to focus on the book,而其他人会告诉你先拿出几篇文章。

As a new faculty member at a research institution,我觉得这很令人沮丧。我心里想:为什么他们不能告诉我我要做什么,这样我才能做到?If you are in this sort of situation,你不清楚期望是什么,有一件事是肯定的:不管怎样,你都有兴趣知道真相。你是怎么做到的??

事实证明,有很多方法可以让你弄清楚一个可靠的终身制案例是什么样子的。You just need to approach this as you would any other research project: ask around,investigate,and look at a variety of cases.Here are four strategies for you to figure out what your research portfolio should look like.

Ask around at your institution.

第一学期,you should meet with your department chair and with your faculty mentor.请他们两人就出版物期望值给出建议。They might be vague,但是他们会和你沟通。你也可以问学校周围的其他同事,尤其是如果你能找到曾在学院和大学晋升和任期委员会任职的人。


如果你部门过去五年里有人升职,you should look at their CV and figure out what they needed to get tenure.You may even be able to ask them to share their tenure materials with you so that you can see exactly how they put their case together.


大多数系都会在网上发布教员的简历。而且,因为晋升和任期需要更新简历,many recently tenured faculty have updated CVs online.Look at several CVs of people who were recently tenured in your field and figure out what they had that allowed them to make a compelling tenure case.

培养自己的期望,and share them with your senior colleagues.

After you have compiled all of this information,用它来对自己做出明确的期望。假设,在这些谈话之后,you determine that you would need a book published at a university press,two single-authored articles in top tier peer-reviewed journals,一篇共同撰写的同行评议文章,and at least six conference presentations.把这些信息带回你的部门主席和你的导师那里,问他们这是否会成为你部门的一个合理的任期案例。Tell them that you have set these goals for yourself,and that you would like their feedback on your goals.他们的回答应该是有启发性的。

最后一步非常重要。高级教职员工通常不愿意告诉你你需要什么,因为他们不想出错,but also because they do not want you to limit your options.如果,however,你自己决定你的目标是什么,明确你想要他们的反馈,他们可能愿意提供。

寻求终身职位可能会有压力,由于缺乏明确的预期,情况更是如此。弄清楚自己的期望值是什么,可以为自己实现清晰的目标迈出一步,而且,in the process,to relieving some of the stress.